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What is the Álbum da Ciencia?

The "Álbum da Ciencia" (Science's Album) offers users a total of 300 on-line posts. It has collected a substantial part of this country's I+D, a sort of virtual pantheon of scientific excellence, which will provide a valuable and updated information to diverse audiences.

With this initiative, the "Consello da Cultura Galega" (Council of Galician Culture) contributes to the promotion of scientific culture among society, by the means of the diffusion of the labour developed by the most outstanding researchers in the history of Galicia.

The making of this new version of the Álbum da Ciencia involves a research and divulgative effort by a wide team of more than twenty specialists. The guidance was entrusted to Xosé A. Fraga Vázquez, from Science, Nature and Society Section, who had the assistance of the Section's coordinator, Francisco Díaz-Fierros Viqueira, and from Alfonso Mato in coordination and drafting's tasks.


Álvarez Lebredo, Carlos
Álvarez Lires, María
Álvarez Soaje, Miguel
Barral, Margarita
Bermejo Patiño, Manuel
Bugallo Rodríguez, Ánxela
Cambrón Infante, Ascensión
Cremades Ugarte, Javier
Díaz-Fierros Viqueira, Francisco
Docobo Durántez, José Ángel
Dosil Mancilla, Francisco Javier
Fandiño Veiga, Xosé Ramón
Fernández Prieto, Lourenzo
Fraga Vázquez, Xosé Antón
Galdo Fernández, Fausto
González Guitián, Carlos
González Fernández, Martín
González Castroagudín, Sonia
Gurriarán Rodríguez, Ricardo
Izco Sevillano, Jesús
Jiménez Gómez, Enrique
Losada Sanmartín, Mª Luisa
Mato Domínguez, Alfonso
Moreno Castillo, Ricardo
Naya Fernández, Salvador
Ponte Hernando, Fernando
Sanmartín Míguez, J. Santiago
Sisto Edreira, Rafael
Simón Lorda, David